A Multidisciplinary One on One Pain Program

The RESTORE program is our sister pain management program.

It is based on the gold standard multidisciplinary pain management approach as used in our REGAIN pain program and we are confident this approach can help people who are affected by chronic pain.

RESTORE has been designed to provide a springboard to help people with chronic pain to adopt pain management strategies into their day to day life so they can return to meaningful activities of daily living. 

Managing chronic pain can be complex and we aim to help people to understand how to approach their pain in a different way. 

About the RESTORE Program

RESTORE is an evidence based Low intensity – “one on one” pain management program, conducted here at Sydney Spine and Pain Rehab by our experienced multidisciplinary pain management team including physiotherapists and psychologists who exclusively work in pain management and our clinic Pain Specialist/ Consultant Psychiatrist.

The treatment program is run every week, (*up to 3 hrs duration per week) over 8 weeks. 

The Psychological components of the RESTORE program are based on CBT principles.

The Physiotherapy components of the RESTORE program are ACTIVE based and consists of a reactivation program. It is designed to maximise the participants functional abilities and to decrease fear avoidance relating to movement. The program uses pain neuroscience , educational principles as well as graded exposure with the aim to assist the patient to progress with their physical function.

The Pain Specialist & Consultant Psychiatrist will conduct assessment, treatment and overview of specialised education sessions twice throughout the course of the program.

Components covered in the program include

(but not limited to)​

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Chronic Persistent Pain can be complex and may affect many aspects of your life including your Physical Health and Well Being, Sleep and Mental Status along with your Work, Finances, Relationship, Social Life and Everyday Routines.

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