Our team of dedicated professionals are committed to Relieving Pain, Restoring Function and Renewing Hope.

Your health is our priority


Providing evidence based pain programs tailored to you and your goals.


Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Pain Medicine Specialists who all have extensive experience in managing chronic pain.

Evidence Based

Helping you utilise treatments that really make a difference.

Patient Centred


Each individuals pain is different and requires a unique approach.

Multidisciplinary Pain Management

Chronic Persistent Pain is complex and affects many aspects of our patient’s life including Physical Health and Well Being, Sleep and Mental Status along with Work, Finances, Relationship, Social Life and Everyday Routines.

It requires an evidence based approach that look at your goals and best treatments available. 

Our team work with patients, and in an integrated fashion to minimise the impact of chronic pain or lessen the contributing factors to pain. 

REGAIN : An Intensive Multidisciplinary Group Pain Program

Our clinic specialises in multidisciplinary programs which are considered the gold standard treatment for chronic pain.

We have low to high intensive programs that aim to help you build skills in better managing pain.


Dealing with daily chronic pain in itself is difficult to manage emotionally. However, there are broader consequences to our patient’s including affecting their ability to communicate with family and friends and do activities that are meaningful to them.

Pain Psychology aims to help to manage the suffering associated with persistent pain.


Pain physiotherapy is about helping you better understand your pain and how your body is reacting to it. It aims to try to normalise movement and lessen the consequences of over guarding muscles or compensatory postures.

Active treatment is the evidence based treatment for chronic pain, but our clinicians need to work with you to find exercises that don’t cause flare ups but still help to improve your health.

Pain Specialist & Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Faiz Noore is a dual-Fellowed specialist and expert in chronic pain management, psychiatry and rehabilitation.

Sydney Spine & Pain Rehab is recognised as providing evidence based gold standard treatment for chronic pain

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Chronic Persistent Pain can be complex and may affect many aspects of your life including your Physical Health and Well Being, Sleep and Mental Status along with your Work, Finances, Relationship, Social Life and Everyday Routines.

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