Pain Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy in chronic pain aims to improve patient’s knowledge based and gain a better understanding of their pain.

Education is shown to be the best evidence based tool for managing pain, often pain can feel confusing and overwhelming in a chronic setting. This can lead to further anxiety or compensatory movements to try and avoid pain. 

People in pain often change the way they move which can cause pain to shift around our body. Our physiotherapists work to establish individual exercise programs to try and normalise movement patterns and lessen the impact of chronic pain. The exercise programs are tailored to the individual patient’s goals.


Our physiotherapists have experience with a range of specified chronic pain treatment including

Strength and conditioning

Patient’s in pain generally lose strength to do everyday activities due to the consequence of their pain. Our physiotherapists work to improve patient’s strength for their activities of daily living

Graded Motor imagery

GMI is one of the only physiotherapy treatments available to CRPS and Phantom Limb Pain created by the NOI group. Our physiotherapists are experienced and trained in GMI treatments.


When in pain, our bodies become resistant to movement and sometimes even the very thought of moving can be painful. Our physiotherapists can use visualisation to de-threaten movements before trying to physically fo them. 

Pain education

Learning more about pain can de-threaten pain and remove the associated distress and anxiety. Pain is personal to the individual, however our physiotherapists can work with our patients to help them gain a better understanding of their pain. 

Pacing strategies

Simple tasks can become difficult for chronic pain sufferers. Sometimes in order to do simple activities we need a plan, pacing breaks activities up into small “bite sized” amounts to tackle things one at a time. 


Desensitisation is a strategy where patients are slowly exposed to painful stimulus or different stimulus in order to try and de-threaten and reduce the bodies response to the stimulus. 

Commonly treated pain conditions

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Chronic Persistent Pain can be complex and may affect many aspects of your life including your Physical Health and Well Being, Sleep and Mental Status along with your Work, Finances, Relationship, Social Life and Everyday Routines.

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