An Intensive Multidisciplinary Group Pain Program

What is the REGAIN program?



Evidence Based


The Regain Program is an Intensive Integrated Multidisciplinary Pain Management Group Program specifically designed for sufferers of Chronic Persistent Pain.

It is aimed to address the many problems this complex syndrome causes to help sufferers regain control of their life.

“REGAIN” is an outpatient group treatment program designed to address many of these problems and to help individuals with chronic pain regain a sense of purpose and satisfaction out of life. The techniques used in the “REGAIN” program are consistent with the cognitive-behavioural approach, which has been demonstrated to be an effective, evidence-based approach to chronic pain management.

The outcomes following similar programs world wide, have included substantial reductions in medication, improved function in activities of daily living, improved mood and return to work in 63% within 6 months. At least 75% of patients would have improved enough to start rehabilitation and not require “unfit for work” certificates.

How does the “REGAIN” Treatment Program Run?

“REGAIN” runs over eight weeks and participants are expected to attend two full days each week.

The Team

A multi-disciplinary team consisting of a Pain Specialist/ Psychiatrist, Pain Psychologist and Pain Physiotherapist conduct the “REGAIN” program.

Home Practice

Home practice is an integral part of learning coping skills and tasks are set for participants to practice in between sessions.

Group Sessions

A follow-up group session will be conducted 4 to 6 weeks after the end of the program to review progress and to assist in maintaining changes.


Patients with a work related or compensational condition are encouraged to have a close liaison between their rehabilitation providers and the “REGAIN” clinicians to co-ordinate their return to work plans.

Aims of “REGAIN”

“REGAIN” does not aim to “fix or “cure” the individual’s pain, but rather to teach individuals how to feel more in control of their situation.

How does REGAIN differ from other programs?

Management of chronic persistent pain is complex and requires a specialised multidisciplinary team who are experienced in the treatment of pain management.

REGAIN is evidence based and utilises a biopsychosocial model, ie. physical, mental and environmental techniques in an integrated fashion to assist the treatment of chronic pain.

The aim of REGAIN is to maximise functional capabilities and goals and assist participants in independently managing their complex pain conditions. 

During the program an extensive range of strategies are taught so participants can perform activities consistently despite pain on good days and bad days.

Who is REGAIN For?

Participants must be willing to accept that daily activities will not make pain worse, attend all sessions and be willing to accept the goals of the program.


The REGAIN Multidisciplinary Pain Management Team includes our Pain Medicine Specialists, Psychiatrist, Pain Psychologists and Pain Physiotherapists who are all extensively trained & accredited in Chronic Pain Management.

The Multidisciplinary Program is a within a supportive group environment and runs for 2 days a week for 8 weeks.

Our Multidisciplinary Pain Management Team includes our Pain Medicine Specialist/ Psychiatrist, Pain Psychologists and Pain Physiotherapists who are all trained, accredited and have extensive experience in Chronic Pain Management.

Our expert Pain specialist/Psychiatrist attends the program to provide specialised education sessions to the group and to monitor your overall health and medication.

Guidance is given so that clients can take an active role in managing their own pain.

The aim of the psychology sessions is to assist you with the many issues that you encounter as a result of your pain; including changes in mood, lack of sleep, changes in work conditions, relationships etc.

Some of the topics that the psychologist cover includes pacing techniques, relaxation, sleep education, managing mood, dealing with flare ups and communication with others.

Due to your pain condition, it can affect other parts of your body not only the injured part. The physiotherapy component will focus on your overall functional condition. The therapist will go through a graduated exercise program with you and work at your own pace and level and teach you management techniques.

They will also conduct education sessions that will be relevant to your condition and discuss issues that you may encounter as a result of your pain; including physical deconditioning, posture, ergonomics, stretches/exercises, nutrition etc

The team works closely in an integrated fashion to achieve maximum possible benefits for all participants.

During the program the Pain Psychologist and Pain Physiotherapist will have the most contact with participants on a daily basis.

Our expert Pain Medicine Specialist / Psychiatrist attend the program to provide specialised education sessions to the group.

After a post treatment review, the REGAIN team provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary report to all involved in the participants’ care.


All patients attending are encouraged to apply the self-pain management strategies they learnt during their attendance at home or in their work environments.

Data shows that participants who do this achieve much stronger and more lasting gains long term.

In order to help those attending the programs to achieve good outcomes patients are equipped with a ‘home-plan’ at the end of the 8 week program.

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Chronic Persistent Pain can be complex and may affect many aspects of your life including your Physical Health and Well Being, Sleep and Mental Status along with your Work, Finances, Relationship, Social Life and Everyday Routines.

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