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An Intensive Multidisciplinary Group Pain Program

The Regain Program is an Intensive Integrated Multidisciplinary Pain Management Group Program specifically designed for sufferers of Chronic Persistent Pain.


A Multidisciplinary One on One Pain Program

The RESTORE program is our sister pain management program. It is based on the gold standard multidisciplinary pain management approach as used in our REGAIN pain program and we are confident this approach can help people who are affected by chronic pain.

Pain Psychology

Pain Psychology plays a critical role in ensuring that a chronic pain condition is being managed and treated through a biopsychosocial framework with interdisciplinary treatment approach.

Pain Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy in chronic pain aims to improve patient’s knowledge based and gain a better understanding of their pain.

Specialist Pain Medicine Physician & Consultant Psychiatrist

Specialist Pain Medicine Physician & Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Faiz Noore is an Australian trained Specialist Pain Medicine Physician and Consultant Psychiatrist.

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Chronic Persistent Pain can be complex and may affect many aspects of your life including your Physical Health and Well Being, Sleep and Mental Status along with your Work, Finances, Relationship, Social Life and Everyday Routines.

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