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Information about the Regain program for participants

The Regain Program does not aim to “fix” or “cure” the individual’s pain but rather teach individuals how to feel more in control of their situation.

Pain is a very personal experience. No one except you can completely understand what you are feeling. The Regain Your Life program provides the foundation in the long term treatment and management of chronic persistent pain and will cover the key steps to help you live better with your pain condition.

The strategies you will learn in the Regain program are practical and common sense strategies based on effective and widely researched approach to pain management.

As a sufferer of chronic pain you may be affected
in many aspects of your life not just the injury.

The pain management program is a specialised program just for chronic pain sufferers to help you manage your pain and gain control of your life again.

The Multidisciplinary Program is a within a supportive group environment and runs for 2 days a week for 8 weeks.

Our Multidisciplinary Pain Management Team includes our Pain Medicine Specialists, Pain Psychologists and Pain Physiotherapists who are all trained accredited and specialise in Chronic Pain Management.

Pain Medicine Specialist Role

Our expert Pain medicine specialists attend the program to provide specialised education sessions to the group and to monitor your overall health and medication.

Pain Psychologist Role

The aim of the psychology sessions is to assist you with the many issues that you encounter as a result of your pain; including changes in mood, lack of sleep, changes in work conditions, relationships etc.

Some of the topics that the psychologist cover includes pacing techniques, relaxation, sleep education, managing mood, dealing with flare ups and communication with others.

Pain Physiotherapist Role

Due to your pain condition it can affect other parts of your body not only the injured part. The physiotherapy component will focus on your overall functional condition. The therapist will go through a graduated exercise program with you and work at your own pace and level and teach you management techniques.

The Pain physiotherapist will also conduct education sessions that will be relevant to your condition and discuss issues that you may encounter as a result of your pain; including physical deconditioning, posture, ergonomics, stretches/exercises, nutrition etc

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